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May 10, 2007



Border collies tend to make good ratters. They've got a lot of energy. My wife's former dog(RIP), a border collie, kept the place vermin free for years.

I'm guessing that you did not see any rats through the long years of Dally's prime... because Dally would kill or at least scare 'em off from anywhere she could get at.

I had a rat family once when I lived down near where y'all are (Insley Street), but that was due to a composter made of thick plastic that they chewed their way into from the outside. Lots of tasty stuff in there once they got in.

Dogpoopwise I do "poop patrols" every week or two, before mowing, which you kind of want to do anyway because otherwise you step in it. Poop patrol is just me wandering the backyard with a big shovel and a trowel, then dumping all the crap into a pile in a corner. I used to bag it, but gave that up as unnecessary. Sometimes I bury it if I feel energetic but usually not.

My current dog is not a ratter, unfortunately, and thus we had a bit of a spat with mice earlier this year, finally resolved with proliferate use of various modern nasty traps. I did buy an electrocution type device kind of like yours, though smaller, but it never got any victim. Glue traps killed 3 mice (and also one captured the Big Mouse, aka our dog). One other DCON trap design worked, getting one mouse.

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