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August 17, 2007



Welcome back!


I'm glad your back. I hope you didn't expose those freckle-faced red-headed kids to too much sun on the Outer Banks. I want to bring out the zinc oxide just thinking about it. Otherwise it sounds wonderful.

I'm so very sorry for your friends' lymphoma. My thoughts and prayers really go out to them.

Hopefully Kate-the-Moose will stop scratching once she has her post-kennel bath with a thorough rinse.

Re: disability coverage in your job search. Forget that. My own family's experience is that disability insurance isn't worth the paper it is written on. The standard of review under ERISA is "arbitrary and capricious" which basically means you aren't covered unless the insurance company is asleep at the wheel when your claim floats through. Your only coverage is under Social Security Diasability. The insurance company may toss a few thousand dollars additional dollars at you to settle you once you get Social Security, but they won't give you a dime before that, and if you want more than a tiny settlment they will threaten to reopen your claim every couple of years (thereby suspending payment for another three or four years) until you die. Invest the proposed disability premiums yourself instead. That might bring you some return on your investment, or at least a small pot of cash when you need it, rather than three or four years later when you have either starved to death or found an alternative means of sustenance. Sorry, but yiur casual mention of disability insurance really hit a hot button on my end.


Re: potty training of Kate. Five months is earliest to expect results. Even the brightest dog has a baby's bladder before that. Your little girl sounds bright, so the end of that problem is probably very near. Good luck with that and the scratching.


Were you serious about the Adult ADD? I'm just starting to suspect that I may have it, and I'm curious to see how other people handle it.

If it was a joke, never mind. [/litella]


I seem to have a problem with my post button. If you delete one of the duplicates, I promise to work very hard to discover what idiocy on my part is making me multi-post. Thanks. Very glad you are back on line after your trip to the coast.

Mrs O

Mary, I can't concentrate as well as I used to; I have to re-read things; I have trouble staying on task and am easily distracted. I also get bored very, very easily and have no self-discipline, but that's probably not an ADD symptom. It could be perimenopause; it could be ADD; it could be general dissolution. Take your pick.

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