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January 22, 2008



Ack! Not a Peter Firth fan? That's unnatural!
But you're right. That's a great scene in THfRO.

Mrs Offering

Roxy, I'm sorry, he's pale blonde and squishy-looking. Just has never got my motor running. But as I suspect Henry Tilney was not described by JA as an especially aggressively masculine character (unlike Bronte's Rochester, for example), it was probably good casting.


Here's a link to a blog you might like to read. http://pixilatedp.blogspot.com/2008/01/jane-addiction-part-2-northanger-abbey.html

Have you seen Peter Firth in Spooks/MI-5? It could change your mind.

Mrs Offering

Roxy, thanks for the link! Her review is wonderful -- clearly I need to work on my snark.

I did know about PF on MI-5; I have to admit I was surprised. I haven't seen the show...Brit civil liberties "protections" are so much worse than ours that I can't warm to a show about the emotional cost of brutaliing civilians in the name of national security. It's the fate of being Mrs. Offering (www.highclearing.com)


I respect that completely, and I'm glad you liked the other review of Northanger Abbey. Both reviews (yours and hers) made me laugh out loud.

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