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January 13, 2008


Brett Peters

The film, oddly enough, was Roger Ebert's favorite of the crop of '90s Austen movies, and is a truly hard movie to beat. Thanks for the review; I may just stick to the film now.

As an aside, does UO's footballblogging have anything to do with the motives of this post?

Mrs Offering

HAH! No, at least not consciously. The arrival of the laptop sort of coincided with my tv's move from our bedroom into The Littlest Offering's room (cable connections, it's dumb and complicated), so my past-years' retreat from football being closed off, I gravitated to new timewasters. I got nothin' to say about Austen, she's close to being without peer; but I like watching and comparing the various adaptations, like the '96 4 hour BBC Pride and Prejudice with the 2 hr film from two years ago. Both are worth watching but they come at Lizzie (and Jane) from widely different perspectives.

Brett Peters

I resisted the latest P&P for some time, but was quite pleased with it when it finally came out. Very different take.

I count "Clueless" in with the Austen adaptations of the '90s, too. That may or may not be fair.

Mrs Offering

I do also, but its "apples" are a bit different from the '95 Paltrow/Northam effort's "apples." Both versions of Emma are satires on the mating rituals of their periods, but "Clueless" is a much more aggressive riff on overprivileged teens and LA society (and the rest of us) than Austen's Emma ever was. Or... perhaps what reads to us as gentle laughter was viewed as strong criticism by the society of Austen's time. I'm not an Austen scholar, didn't even read her in college, so I can't say. Do you know?


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Mrs Offering

thanks for the link and for reading!

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