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January 14, 2008



Ish! (as they say in MN) or Yuck! (as they say in other parts of the midwest.)

Who neglected to give her a before bed outing? Or perhaps she was frustrated with undue attention being paid someone else's academic travails?

You have my sympathy. My fifteen year old labrador retriever has become a tad demented, and has reverted to the happier days of his puppyhood, before he was abandoned, then rescued and housebroken at age five. We keep old towels and a stock of plastic bags all over the house for instant cleanup, and nobody goes anywhere barefoot. I just can't bring myself to have an otherwise healthy, happy dog put down for mere geriatric incontinence. If he was younger I'd make him sleep in the yard, but he's not up to sleeping out in midwestern winters anymore. I long for springtime.

Mrs Offering

Oh, I hear you. Technically, it was my fault...I came to bed before UO and blankified Kate so that she inched down to the bottom of my bed to snuggle next to my feet. UO didn't notice her until he was too sleepy to do anything except go to bed, so she didn't get taken out. But Dally would have raised a ruckus, had it been her.

By the way, thanks so much for your New Year's comment; may you and yours have splendid 08 as well!

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