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September 25, 2008


Kimberly Day-Lewis

Dear Kate

How is your LL floor working out? I have had a truly bad experience with Lumber Liquidators. If you are having merchandise quality problems I would appreciate hearing your story. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Due to my bad experience, I am sending the email below to my network of contacts. When you have a moment please review the fuller description of my complaint on www.thesqueakywheel.com.

Kimberly Day-Lewis

To My Network:

I could really use your support. I have had a very bad experience with Lumber Liquidators, a
national retailer of hardwood flooring products. My experience was so bad that I am suing
the company in North Carolina Superior Court New Hanover County for violation of federal
and state warranty laws and unfair and deceptive trade practices. I have evidence that
hundreds of customers nationwide have been adversely affected by abusive practices similar
to those I experienced. I have posted a complaint on www.thesqueakywheel.com. You can
find it under Lumber Liquidators complaints, entitled "Defective Products, Abusive Practices,
Lawsuit Anyone?" I wish to spread the word about my complaint and to find others who have
been similarly treated. Please send this message to others who may be considering
purchasing hardwood flooring products or who have purchased from Lumber Liquidators and
have been burned.

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