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November 09, 2008



Be grateful for the time you have to say goodbye to a good dog who's not in pain.

Mrs Offering

You are absolutely correct, and I am...but it's hard, when I wake up at night and I don't hear her breathing, not to panic.


I hope you have better luck than we did in getting the puppy to be head dog. Tassie our shepherd was a magnificent leader. Her whole life was dwvoted to leading her current pack and recruiting new pack members. Whenever we adopted a new dog, Tassie was there to break him/her in and to run things. I often said that I wished that I had Tassie as my office manager instead of the idiot human I had to deal with. Tas died this summer, and our number two who always wanted the job now has it. Leadership ain't fun if you don't have the temperment. She lacks confidence, so the other dogs don't trust her leadership. It's a mess. Food fights every night. I'm happy for you that Dall is still doing well. You don't appreciate a good pack leader until you lose her.

Mrs Offering

Sounds like you have the George Bush of doggles. I can't see Kate being the pack leader ... maybe a new puppy will step up to the plate... assuming there will be a new puppy...


I wish I had some exceptional words of wisdom to offer, but I don't. Molly's been gone over 3 years and I still find myself looking for her, perhaps because she was my dog...with me before kids, next to me through sadness, always there to share my day and be with me no matter what. Love her while you can...those years and these days have gone and will go by so very quickly...

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