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November 10, 2008



FL(public) update: the STUDENTS can talk about anything they'd like to, including his/her/their passionate support or non-support of any &/or all candidates (this also may or may not include wearing shirts, buttons, etc...)
the TEACHERS? not so much as a mention or hint of anything that may appear partisan...all must be presented as educational, informational NOT preferential. Of course, you know what the root of this 'policy' is..."your school system and THOSE teachers are telling my Johnny or Susie how to vote/what to believe..." and on and on and on. And, because it is now 'policy' I'm betting that somewhere, someone was either videotaped &/or recorded doing just that...that lawsuit was won before it even went to court...

Mrs Offering

I'm sure you're absolutely right. It was actually worse than I wrote ... a Govt teacher friend who was at the youth group where this was discussed was told by her principal (as were all the staff) that she should not address the election outcomes on Nov. 5. She said the entire soc. studies dept rebelled and the principal backed down. "I didn't mean you all," she said. That's a direct quote. Nothing like ignoring the teachable moment. This incident happened at a MoCo high school...kids from St. Johns College HS and (hello) St. Albans reported the same policies at their schools. So much for progressive thought. i thought all those folks were peaceniks.

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