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February 06, 2009



I was so glad to see your post this time. I figured bad news with Dally was why we hadn't heard from you lately. I'm so sorry to hear that others are er also family involved.

I lost my best dog friend last year while I was dealing with my my 80 year old mother's collapse into physical disability while she retained all mental acuity, and my 85 year old father's fading into mental vagueness while he remains physical pretty sound.

Your posts about you father were helpful and heartening for me dealing with the heartbreak of the downward slide of older parents. It's like childcare in reverse. There's all the care and all the tiredness and all the frustration and all the love, but at the end the little ones don't leave the nest in glorious flight, they just get older and slide further downhill.

Thanks for sharing your stories at the time, so that others out here with similar stories knew that we weren't alone.

Are you really going to put Mr. Offering through another border collie puppy so soon? You must have forgotten what the younger Kate was like. Is she really ready to assume pack leadership? If she isn't ready yet you'll have to get an enormous shepherd or Rottweiler to control both, and do you really want that?

Mrs. Offering

Thanks for your kind words about my family posts. One assumes one is the only person ever to deal with these issues, so it's easy to feel isolated. And unfortunately, the world goes on despite our pain. How unfair!

Kate was a pretty good puppy, destruction-wise, at least compared to Dally, who started the kitchen-floor-eating tradition that Kate continued. And no we have no loose floor bits for a pup to chew on, on I am more hopeful on that score. The biggest differences between our two experiences that I can see is 1) we used a crate with Kate and 2) my presence, since a month after we got her I got fired from my job. Now, I don't think I'm in any danger of losing my job at the moment (knock wood in these parlous days), but I am 20 minutes away from home and could home at lunch time to let a pup outside for a small play/potty. This last being the most important, I want to take advantage of the situation. And I want a fuzzy pup to hug.

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