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February 07, 2009



That's cold. I hope no other "ninnies" die.


Wouldn't cracks in the ice indicate that the ice is becoming unstable? If unstable, why would go out on the ice? It's a shame that someone lost their life and others risked theirs all in the name of FUN.

Mrs. Offering

Per Anna's comment and the CNN story, there were visible cracks in the ice. The "ninnies" put boards over the cracks, in case their chunk of ice broke off, but they misjudged the tide and were carried away. If it were me, I'd feel a bit ninnish, wouldn't you? An awful lot of first respnders were mobilized to save these folks because they behaved stupidly.


Mrs. Offering,

This is a common thing on lake Erie, and 9 out of 10 times, or more, is never an issue. You have basically packs of ice, where you could go out 3 miles, find a crack, then have a section that goes for 5 more miles and has more ice after another crack. sometimes the cracks are just a big jumble of ice where two sheets have hit one another - hard to tell how well they are bonded.

That said, in any of my ice fishing I never cross a crack like that. Also, there is no TIDE in lake Erie.

The misjudging was in a) crossing open water out in the lake and b) warming conditions with the winds out of the south

if it warmed without southerly winds, or had southernly winds but remained cold, nobody would be reading this. This is on the ice fisherman but it happens all the time and is normally fine.


These people are idiots, without a doubt. I'm from Wisconsin and we know a single crack in the ice are trouble. They are DAMN IDIOTS AND SHOULD PAY FOR BEING SAVED.


The taxpayers will pay for this, all of this, as always.They also pay for any over-reactions by any safety-nazis..
Were the costly helicopters necessary ??
Are ice-fishing licenses granted - with a small fee ?
Why not then, increase this ??

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